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2017! The 21 st century. That is marked by the rise of global economy. That is gauged by the thought that says, ‘what Next?’. That is continuously striving to be better, focused and specialized by every passing day.

By every passing day it has become necessary that we upgrade in the terms of our thoughts, competencies and borders. And this is what inspires us to keep going.

Life is incomplete without experiences. Experiences are never created alone. It is affected by the surroundings, the people around us. More the interactions, more the experiences. Hence, the idea of a co-working space intensively supports this generation. Co-working space is specially designed to change the notion of “unsocial” business centres. The Shared office space works like a team builder where there is a mix of people from different backgrounds, coming together under one roof, urged to interact with each other. This concept specifically influences learning that comes through meeting new people and discussions.

This is a world of technology. One can achieve anything by just a click on his screen. But there are
still somethings that cannot be replaced by technology. One of them is ‘The Human Touch’. The
existence of any social networking site does gives opportunities to network. But, the essence of
networking remains when this interaction is face to face, in person. Co-working space as the name suggests is a physical space that focuses on the same. It gives a personal and humanly touch to the businesses, teams and individuals. Co-working will continue to transform the way people work and connect with their community. In the short history of co-working it has already shifted the way people work and empowered thousands of people to start their own businesses.

As said earlier, this generation continuously drives for “What’s next”. The notion of work itself will change and so will people’s way of perceiving desk related work. A network of spaces has to be created. If my business is in the South- Ex area, I need to have a co-working centre in South–Ex. Multiple centres should be built across the city. The network effect will be important because people will not like to waste time commuting.

In the coming years we shall look forward to seeing how co-working impacts smaller communities outside of big cities and stretches into new countries throughout the world. Apart from talking about businesses, an individual wanting a good energetic space for himself, this is the place he/she should look for. It infuses creativity, innovation and concentration all at the same time.

There can be no drawback for such a great initiative. An initiative with a thought to get the whole world under one roof. It’s more like uniting us. Unity and freedom, common wish for anyone. And that is what a co-working space gives us.

On a personal note, I have my office in one of the co-working spaces. By far one of the best things anyone can experience. The day I entered the space, I knew what I was getting into. I do not remember a single day when I am not energetic to work. My desk, this space, the people around. Everything in here pushes me to a creative edge where I want to do something new every day.And this is what co-working spaces have done to me.


: Abhilasha Mohapatra          Published date: 17 July, 2017

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